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Picture of Josh Stein

Josh Stein

Thanks for the reminder emails Josh!

1. I like the variety of the materials used: the book we are reading, the notes from the instructor, & the different media clips.
I also like that the class is offered online, so that I can work at my own pace from the comfort of my own home. While I appreciate this opportunity, I am finding it challenging, this is my first online class, & I have a 17 month old, I have been finding it a challenge to find time when I can concentrate without having to care for him & at night, I am exhausted when he finally goes to sleep!!

2 & 3. I have recommended the class to colleagues. I have told them that I am learning a lot, it's offered online, the topic is interesting & relevant to our work.
It have really been timely material for me as I am reflecting on how self-esteem, & change, & optimism work in my own life & with my relationships with my family members.
I also was just involved in a car accident this week, I was hit on my way home from work, & I noticed that I was able to handle the incident a lot better than I might have in the past. I am grateful that I wasn't seriously hurt, & that my son wasn't with me, but instead of going over & over what could have happened & why did this happen to me, I remembered what you had said Josh about we all go through things, we all get a flat tire, etc..., it's how we look at what happened, our responses.
So, thank you!

Jen Mosher