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I have been taking the online class, "Building Self-Esteem in the Classroom to Achieve Success, Beat Bullying, and to Foster a Positive Learning Environment."  I decided to take this particular class because the subject matter is extremely relevant in today's classroom setting, plus I thought it would be a great learning tool for helping to better mangage my students in the Kindergarten classroom. The most important message I've learned from the articles, videos and book I read, "Six Pillars of Self-Esteem", is that when children have a positive self-esteem at an early age, there are significant benefits.  These benefits include more achievement, physically healthy, peaceful, high productivity, less aggression, and overall increase in well-being.  As a classroom teacher and a role model, it is my responsibility to foster these strengths in my classroom, and, at the same time, work on building up my own self-esteem. As Tony Robbins said in the video, we all need to work on our "emotional fitness" in order to cope in today's world.  I would highly recommend this class for any teacher or educator who needs guidance and inspiration from self-esteem experts, to help deal with students and prevent bullying in their classroom.      
I really enjoyed everything that I learned in this class. You'll discover ways to not only help your students but also help yourself become a better person. Then it'll be easier to help your students become excelling young adults. The course is set up well and gives you many good resources to use. All in all, this is a good course and you will not be disappointed.
I strongly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in incorporating more technology into their classroom.  I just finished this course and I am anxious to apply my Moodle in my own classroom for this upcoming school year.  The instuctor is very knowledgable, helpful, and readily available to troubleshoot and answer questions if necessary.  Sign up and enjoy the ride!  It is worth it!
Meredith Carrier