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It was great working at my pace and could work around my schedule. I would definately take another class.

Kathy Wood

Thanks for the reminder emails Josh!

1. I like the variety of the materials used: the book we are reading, the notes from the instructor, & the different media clips.
I also like that the class is offered online, so that I can work at my own pace from the comfort of my own home. While I appreciate this opportunity, I am finding it challenging, this is my first online class, & I have a 17 month old, I have been finding it a challenge to find time when I can concentrate without having to care for him & at night, I am exhausted when he finally goes to sleep!!

2 & 3. I have recommended the class to colleagues. I have told them that I am learning a lot, it's offered online, the topic is interesting & relevant to our work.
It have really been timely material for me as I am reflecting on how self-esteem, & change, & optimism work in my own life & with my relationships with my family members.
I also was just involved in a car accident this week, I was hit on my way home from work, & I noticed that I was able to handle the incident a lot better than I might have in the past. I am grateful that I wasn't seriously hurt, & that my son wasn't with me, but instead of going over & over what could have happened & why did this happen to me, I remembered what you had said Josh about we all go through things, we all get a flat tire, etc..., it's how we look at what happened, our responses.
So, thank you!

Jen Mosher
This was a very thought provoking course. Josh Stein was very quick with his replies and thoughful with his comments. When you finish this course you will have a variety of ideas to use in your classroom. I would recommend this course to other teachers and adults who work with children.
I needed something to push me into the 21st century, and this course reviewed the basics in setting the stage for using the technology as well as clearly and patiently giving the resources for developing a moodle. I never thought I had the skill or technological intelligence to develop a moodle, but sure enough I now have one up and running! In the meantime I have had some good thoughts and revelations about how I want my classes to run. Thank you!